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Yoga A Way To Improve Your Hormonal Balance

The benefits of yoga has been known in Asia for hundreds of years, a long time before yoga has reached the western world. It can remedy various conditions and slow down the aging processes occurring within the body.

Health benefits are the main reason people choose yoga, but there are also various mental health benefits which show up as a bonus. In general people feel calm and relaxed to start with, stress  gets alleviated, and mental harmony is attained.

To much lesser extent yoga has been known to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. There are however claims that it can positively affect the balance of hormones in person’s body and that it is a very effective treatment for menopausal symptoms.

Hormone replacement therapy patients can also benefit from this type of regular exercise. It will not only relieve certain physical conditions but yoga will also help attain mental harmony.

There are a few types of yoga which vary in the details, but most are based on the same system of poses. Those poses tend to release blocks in our bodies, stimulate flow of blood into organs and tissues and stimulate certain glands.

In general yoga has positive effects on the endocrine system. The gland produce chemical messengers that regulate various functions in the body. These chemicals travel via blood stream and are distributed all over the body.

Here’s a warning – some yoga poses can highly stimulate glands. If for example a pose stimulates the thyroid, this can have a negative effect for a person with overactive thyroid condition. Make sure you know which glands are affected by which pose before you start the work out.

If you suffer from a particular condition, consult your physician before you start yoga exercises. Whether it is a physical condition or brain related  condition, make sure your know the risks beforehand.

Every element of human body is interconnected and all these elements affect each other. This basic yoga statement explains how working on  muscle-skeletal system will benefit internal organs, those in turn stimulate hormone release which in turn affect brain functions.

This intricate internal connection balances the endocrine system affecting entire nervous system in turn. And when the brain is at ease the mind is at ease as well.  Our emotional responses are usually an outcome of hormonal activity. Love, hate , fear, these are all associated with levels of certain hormones in the blood stream at given moment.

Too much of those hormones will temporarily affect the way we interact with reality, yoga aims to regain the permanent state of balance.  Any form of relaxing, not only yoga, helps to balance the endocrine system. Not many people realise the ,word hormone comes from word harmony, this means that only balanced state is the healthy one .

Yoga tends to address the hormonal imbalance on many levels, as a relaxing practice and as physical exercise. Both forms are beneficial by themselves but when connected they can achieve great results in harmonising the endocrine system . They also support hormone therapy as a balancing act.


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