Weight Loss and Hormones


Hormonal Reasons For Weight Gain

Hormones play a vital role in our lives. When we age their production decreases. It is prominent in women and known as menopause. Ovaries suddenly slow down hormone release and slowly shut down.  This can be a lengthy process and one with variety of unpleasant symptoms.

Not every woman is ‘doomed’ to experience severe symptoms, but many will be affected by some of them sooner or later.  One of the more obvious ones is the weight gain and associated difficulty of getting rid of the excess. Hormones work in balance, so if there is a problem in one are, soon other parts of the body can experience the effects.

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BHRT vs. other Hormone Replacement Therapies

What makes the BHRT stand out is the kind of hormones used during treatment. Bioidentical Hormones have the same chemical structure as hormones within human body, that’s why they work as the natural ones. Other therapies using synthetic hormones may offer chemicals that only work in similar way to natural hormones but don’t have the same molecular structure.

The dose prescribed by a specialist will be tailored to suit patients individual needs. Since the dose of hormones contains few hormones in prescribed quantities, a compounding pharmacy will prepare medications based on doctor’s guidance. Compounded doses are not available commercially. [hr]

Effects of BHRT Treatment

Every patient is a separate case, and results will vary.

Some patients can see positive results within a couple of weeks, others wait longer. The kind of results depends on severity of symptoms. The most of positive changes are visible in women with severe symptoms. The results will also depend on how quickly the therapy started. Many women qualify for treatment in peri-menopause period.

Benefits of BHRT:

  • Overall improvement of the quality of life
  • Replacement hormones with the same chemistry as natural ones
  • Individual prescription based on thorough testing
  • Frequent patient monitoring during therapy
  • BHRT is safer than standard HRT

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Risks of BHRT

Any hormone replacement therapy carries certain risks. Most of the risk comes from correct evaluation and testing in order to establish correct doses for specific patient.

This is very important as any overdose of hormones can cause complications. These may show up as menopause related symptoms.

If the incorrect dose is taken for a prolonged period of time it may increase the risk of certain diseases like cancers or cardiovascular problems.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy uses hormones chemically matching natural body hormones, this ensures that replaced hormones are correctly processed by the body. [hr]

Compounding Controversy

A combination of hormones within a single dose is called compounding. As such the compounded drugs are not approved by FDA, it would be impossible to approve every dose for every patients.

 FDA can’t guarantee that a specific dose is safe.

Another issue related to compounding is the contamination of doses. Not every compounding pharmacy ensures laboratory conditions for preparation of hormone cocktail.

There have been reported cases of serious complications caused by contaminated compounded medicine.

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