Role of Hormones in Human Body and Issues Related to Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are chemicals naturally occurring within human bodies. They are produced by cells or glands and their role is to affect other organs. We can compare them to messengers who carry orders to specific organs or cells within the body.

Our bodies rely on hormones to function properly. Any problems affecting hormonal balance will affect our lives. Some things hormones are responsible for include: simulation of growth, control of cell’s life span, control of immune system, metabolism regulation, control of phases of life, self preservation reactions, sexual functions, reproductive cycle.

Human bodies need different hormones for various stages of life. Different ones are important during growing phase , others become vital during reproductive stage. Once the natural cycle is completed, in mature humans hormones start to decline with age.

As we rely on them to function properly, their lack causes our bodies to very slowly cease functioning. We refer to this process as aging.

Aging affects some of us more then others but very much it is gender related, it affects women in more dramatic ways.

Natural reproductive rhythm in a woman is maintained by hormones. Hormones create monthly cycles during reproductive part of woman’s live. They are also responsible for ending this reproductive stage by going through menopause.

We need to look at all hormones as a system because problems in one area can affect other areas causing chain reaction. The ageing process is strongly related to a few main hormones. The scientists have discovered over 60 other hormones with various functions within the body.

Most important hormones related to ageing issues include:
Progesterone – most important during reproductive rhythms and pregnancy
Estrogens – a group of hormones performing many functions in women bodies related to reproductive phase.
Testosterone – most important in males, related to sexual maturity.

Those three hormones are widely used in treating ageing symptoms. Deficiency of these hormones can cause dramatic symptoms in human bodies and affect personality on certain levels.

Hormones can be replaced with their synthetic counterparts. There is also a group called Bioidentical Hormones which have the same chemical molecular structure, this helps the body to assimilate them correctly.

Medicine uses replacement hormones to restore the balance within the body and in turn relieve negative symptoms of ageing. There is a lot of talk in the media related to hormone replacement therapy as many people have experienced wonderful results.

Women claim they can function normally after years of struggle, they can have a normal live without antidepressants.

There is a risk in hormone replacement which is related to a correct dose of the hormone. Too little will have no effect, too much can cause dramatic side effects. This is a reason why it is important to speak to qualified and certified physician. Hormonal therapy doctor needs to have the necessary experience to create individual recovery plan of action for a patient.

Once the treatment plan is created and correct doses of medication established, patients goes to ‘maintenance’ phase where any changes are monitored and necessary dose adjustments are made.

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