Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – BHRT

Hormones play a vital role in keeping our bodies young and healthy. As we progress in age our hormonal system changes causing many undesirable side effects. BHRT is one of the modern therapies designed to eliminate the negative side effects this hormonal imbalance can cause.

The Bioidetical Hormone Replacement Therapy BHRT approaches the problem form many angles as the hormone decline affects various areas of our bodies, often at the same time. Also existing problems in one area can cause symptoms in other places.

Who qualifies for BHRT?

Around the age of 20, when our bodies fully mature, certain hormone stop being produced. When this production stops it has an effect on entire hormonal system. As hormones have to work in balance, very often deficiency in one of them destabilizes entire hormonal system.

A most popular example is the menopause symptoms caused by changes in production levels of progesterone and estrogen. Changes in those levels cause symptoms like hot flashes, sleeplessness, tiredness, mood changes, depression and cardiovascular related issues like changes in blood quality which can pose a higher risk of heart diseases, strokes, blood clots etc.

Aging hormonal issues affect both men and women and scientists have been looking for an effective and healthy way of substituting for missing hormones. There have been many trials and errors over the years with various effects on patients. In conclusion doctors decided to mimic human bodies and came up with natural hormone therapy.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a form of natural hormone therapy which focuses on supplying substances that are identical in molecular structure to the ones produced by human body. Substances taken by a patient are micronized for better body absorption and correct amounts are established by a certified bioidentical hormone specialist.

How to start BHRT therapy

Before qualifying for Bioidetical Hormone Replacement Therapy every patient is has to be carefully examined as the treatment is individual for every patient. The evaluation involves a review of current symptoms, history of previously occurring symptoms, individual medical history and family medical history. Things like a current lifestyle and diet are also discussed in case there is a need to adjust the diet.

Most importantly a current hormone levels are established based using thorough hormone tests of various bodily fluids that carry hormones. After careful analysis during next consultation an individual plan is created for a patient and correct doses of bioidentical hormones are prescribed.

The BHRT doctor may also suggest necessary diet and lifestyle changes to help eliminate symptoms. Every consultation afterwards is aimed ad monitoring changes and further adjusting levels of bioidentical hormones.

Depending on severity of current hormonal imbalance related issues, the effects of BHRT therapy can be visible in as soon as one week into the treatment. Correctly treated imbalance will ease symptoms like fatigue, metabolic issues, thyroid related complications, sexual disfunction.

Most of the patients notice improvement on mental level, meaning less mood changes, less stress, better attitude, memory improvement, better sleep and concentration. Overall patients can see increased energy levels.

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